Commonly Asked Questions

Do I Have To Re Confirm My Booking ?

No, you do not need to reconfirm your booking. On the day of travel you will receive an sms notification when our driver is on their way to your pick up location, therefore please be out front of your pick up location prior to the allocated pick up time and or as directed by your drivers sms notification, so not to inconvenience other customers.

Please note all scheduled services are an approximate time and although we try to run services to schedule, at times and due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control your pick up time may be slightly behind schedule, however in the event our service(s) is slightly delayed we endeavour to communicate this to our customer(s) and apologise in advance for inconvenience

Where Do I Meet My Driver At the Airport ?

Please make your way to baggage collection, once you have your bags please make your way outside the terminal and follow the green or blue lines marked on the concrete surface to the "shuttle bus" parking area Bays 4-12 (towards terminal T1), where you will see our bus parked at your allocated pick up time "The Bus With The Bird On The Side".

How Do I Get My Discount*

 If you have pre-booked a return transfer thru our online site "checkout services" in single transaction, our Reservations team will manually refund or deduct 20% off your base fare transfer.

In the event you choose to cancel the return leg of your transfer you automatically void the 20% discount given, you may be refunded the difference being subject to the cancellation terms.
Not applicable for phone or email bookings, Single, Group, Private transfer, discounted fare or in conjunction with any other promotion. Please refer to our Full Terms and Conditions for changes to payment method and cancellation(s) https://www.checkout.services/terms.html

Do I Need A Child Seat ?

It is our company policy that all children aged 6 months to 7 years be seated in a child seat and that if you require a child seat hire, that it is your obligation to pre-request prior to the day of travel at an additional cost.

How Much Luggage Can I Have ?

One large suitcase and or backpack and one carry on per person is allowed for all transfers. A $5 tariff per extra luggage unit is applicable at the drivers discretion if you want to transport more than one large suitcase per person (item is around 74 cm or 27 inches in height and has a capacity of up to 117 litres) and that it is your obligation to pre-request additional luggage or oversized luggage (to include but not limited to bikes, surfboards, kite boards etc at $25 per item).

Can We Request To Stop Off Along The Way?

We recommend that you pre-request any additional stops (for example, to run in for groceries or supplies) as all unscheduled stops are dependant to our schedule and the driver. All additional stop requests will incur a fee of $10 per destination / per 5 minutes. 

We also recommend that you pre-order any goods that you wish to pick up prior to your transfer so not to inconvenience other passengers and driver.

Cancellations, Amendment to Bookings & Travel Insurance

Cancellations must be requested and received by phone call, booking enquiry form and or time and date stamped email:

within within 3 day or 0-72 Hours of travel or pick up time and date will result in Void and Non-Refundable booking and full payment required,

Within 7 days or between 73 and 168: Cancellation and or Booking Amendments within 7 days (between 73-168 hours) of travel or pick up time and date will result in 50% surcharge payment required,

Beyond 7 days or 169 hours :Cancellation and or Booking Amendments beyond 7 days (exceeding 169 hours) of travel result in full refund.

Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend Travel Insurance which Can Cover Flight Delays, Medical Emergencies, Lost Or Stolen Luggage and shuttle costs incurred by cancelled and delayed flights or missed shuttle departure time, as unfortunately if you miss your shuttle departure time due but not limited to; missed, cancelled, significantly* delayed flights and or you have not checked out of your accommodation on time, you will forfeit your booking per cancellation terms and conditions. (*Denotes Significantly delayed, meaning which causes the disruption to our timetable service(s) and or to other passengers whereby we can not delay the departure time and or relocate you to another service scheduled and or as services determined to be scheduled and operational 24 hours prior to a departure date and or time).

COVID-19 & Cancellations

COVID19 The safety of our passengers and drivers is the highest priority of Beep Beep Toot, therefore per our terms and conditions please read your requirements to travel in our vehicles https://beepbeeptoot.com.au/social-distancing-policy

Effective Monday 13 December 2021, It is a requirement that you are double vaccinated and advise us prior to travel if you have been in a COVID described Hotspot within the last 21 days, if you are to home quarantine and if you are required to undertake a COVID CHECK, as Beep Beep Toot and its associated businesses reserves the right to refuse service and terminate a booking if you have not complied with our terms and conditions of use .

Upon entering our vehicles you must show proof of your double vaccination and sign in using the Queensland Government Check In App. Beep Beep Toot reserves the right not to take or collect any persons to a medical business or hospital unless they are a front line worker with a valid identification / permit.

If state government announces a border closure which makes your direct travel impossible, we will offer you a choice for either: 100% refund or a credit valid for 12 months. Unless a state government announced the border restrictions which makes your direct travel impossible outside 48 hours prior to your travel date & time, allowing you adequate time to contact our team, of which the general cancellation terms apply.

Any and or all refunds where a credit card processing fee was charged, the fee portion will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Full Terms and Conditions https://www.checkout.services/terms.html